Volunteer Network

Volunteers and third party organisations play an important role in assisting ODF to reach more people to create awareness of organ and tissue donation.

ODF provides volunteer training to empower volunteers to assist with the following:

  • manning of awareness stands;
  • assistance at sporting and social events;
  • giving awareness talks at corporate wellness days;
  • giving awareness talks at schools, and
  • giving awareness talks at churches and similar type gatherings.

The training comprises an introduction to the work that ODF does and covers important information about transplantation, including the history of ODF and organ / tissue transplants and the need for more transplants. It outlines why there is a shortage of donors and also which organs and tissue can be donated. Essentially it equips volunteers with the knowledge needed to raise awareness of organ and tissue donation and provides the guidelines on how to do so.

Should you wish to volunteer, please contact the Organ Donor Foundation on our Toll Free line: 0800 22 66 11 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note: Volunteer assistance is limited to the above activities. While ODF appreciates and is thankful for all assistance offered, it is not in a position to accept offers that extend beyond these activities. The executive management committee strategically selects months in advance those campaigns and activities that will best achieve its aims and objectives and allocate its scarce resources accordingly.

It is therefore not always possible or feasible for ODF to extend its resources to manage/oversee new campaigns and/or to manage/oversee the services being offered by third parties. It also needs to be noted that the ODF is not in a position to allocate resources to those campaigns that extend beyond its scope, that duplicate its current efforts and/or require more resources than it has available.

Should you wish to offer assistance for an activity not listed above: please select the link “submission for proposals or campaigns by third parties” located under the “contact us” link

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